Stamper -
loyalty e-stamps to take away!

Stamper -
loyalty e-stamps to take away!

Stamper aplikacja mobilna skanowanie
How it works

Loyalty scheme
with e-stamps to take and collect!

Did you know that online customers tend to be far less loyal than in-store customers? Stamper works to make sure that they stay ... more loyal. It works through loyalty e-stamps with home deliveries. You present a card to customers with a code for each delivery. The customer merely scans the code using their mobile device at the door and that's all there is to it! Stamper is a great loyalty scheme for restaurants and bars, catering for in-house guests, take-away and home delivery customers. The app also enables users to search out services offering loyalty schemes in their local area. With our help, you can keep your current customers for longer, and attract newcomers! Gain more loyal and happy customers!

Stamper aplikacja mobilna nagroda

Speed, comfort,
total control

Easily create loyalty promotions and measure the results using convenient analytics. Stamper is an app that brings loyal customers together who enjoy the benefits of loyalty cards. Stamper is a one-stop-shop solution that customers will come to know and like, and it just a click away for them to join your loyalty plan.

Stamper panel administracyjny dashboard

Why companies choose Stamper

  • Stamper większy zasięg Greater reach

    With Stamper, you're always close to your clientele. Reach out to new customers in your area with ease.

  • Stamper wygoda Convenience

    There are no paper-based cards for customers to look after, no inky stamps and no need to install multiple apps. Your customer loyalty scheme is part of a versatile, user friendly and well-liked app.

  • Stamper kontrola i analityka Control and analytics

    Are you ever unsure of where and when to launch your promotions? Thanks to Stamper, you don't need to worry. You have access to plenty of useful consumer behaviour data so that you can analyse trends and tailor your offer.

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Motivating customers by building loyalty is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

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